Okay i got a message that was like “omg youre WHITE you can’t bitch about ferguson”

Actually, yes i can. I’m not a terrible person, you see. I don’t put people down because of their ancestry. I don’t really care. I can be angry that the police, who, by the way, are supposed to be protecting us…



Black people are always angry about something, I mean geez its just massive death and unjust imprisonment no big deal it isn’t like they’re still getting lynched or something. Always trynna march for their rights like give it a break we’ve got one of you as president. Relax!

You’re not really helping your case. That’s like saying that women shouldn’t be outraged at the lack of respect they get, or homosexuals shouldn’t get mad at the treatment they get because “isn’t getting married enough?”

That’s not the way to handle things like this.



Everybody should take a few minutes to read this. I think there is a lot of insight to be gained from both sides. Don’t ignore someone’s anger because you don’t understand it. And don’t let your anger keep you from being able to see a teachable moment when it arises. None of us has walked a mile in the others shoes. Sometimes it only take a few minutes to change someone’s entire perspective.